Data Integration using MOFA lab comes in two flavors, light and detailed version. See a short description on what to except from each and feel free to choose the one you want to work with during the workshop.

Light version

  • Shows how we use MOFA2 package for factor analysis model, integrating multi-omics data in unsupervised way.
  • Gives minimalist explanation of the method, skipping mathematical foundations. It may be good as first read or as a quick guide how to use MOFA2 when already knowing the foundations behind the methods.

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Detailed version

  • Introduces MOFA starting from mathematical foundations of PCA. Goes over PCA, PPCA, BPCA, CCA, BCCA to reach GA MOFA.
  • It includes mathematical foundations and R code from scratch. Yay!
  • It shows how to run things with MOFA2, also introducing time series analysis (R code and via MEFISTO).
  • May take some time to go through and be slightly challenging. Recommended when wanting to understand the methods.

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